Nam Phong


What is this place called Nam Phong  ?  

A place you wish you had never come,

A place you wish never began

A place of foul water and “C” rats in a can.


A place where barracks have never been seen

A place where living quarters are tents busting at the seams,

A place when it rains there is running water in each tent

That washed everything out including cots, seabags and my kind gent


A place where mud and water comes up to your knees

A place where poisonous leaves grow on trees,

A place where showers are really a pain

You’re either dirty as hell or waiting for rain.


A place where foul air is very common

A place that makes you think pollution is no problem,   

A place where proud Intruders become masters of the sky

A place where all things rattle as jets go flying by.


A place where the yell “Watch out, a snake” is now no sweat

A place where the yell is now calmly met,

A place where centipedes put Texas to shame

They don’t just sting here – but kill or maim.


A place where work is day after day

A place of seriousness and not much room for play,

A place where life is rough and full of homeward dreams

A place where no fool would go except the U.S. MARINES.


And so my friend, as I’ve just said

Life in this place is really sad,

So don’t complain and don’t do wrong

Instead say a prayer for the MARINES at Nam Phong



Author Unkown