It was another wake up ! one day closer to rotating, typical 0 dark 30,

seems all of the missions were launching earlier each day.

Our radio operator Wallace Hollis stumbled through the tent and gave my

rack a kick and I was up! I dug through the bug net and found my boots,

I made sure every night I stuffed my socks tightly in the top of each boot

to keep unwanted critters out. So I didn't expect to feel something moving

when I put my foot in.... WRONG in a flash I had the boot back off and was

beating at what ever it was that came out!

A flashlight revealed a big nasty scorpion. I realized at that moment what

the term "rude awakeing" really meant!

What a way to start the day, could this be an omen? With that , we made our

way to the flight line.

I passed on the mess kit coffee I was already hitting on all cylinders.


Did the walk around inspection of the bird and got ready to saddle up .Then

came the call that we were on hold ,

do to "weather on the target" So what else do you do .... scrounge around

the Flight Ops. shack for a box of C-rats

I selected a fine vintage, 1968 a very good year ! jackpot..... fruit

cocktail. About an hour later

I'm headed to the new 6 holer just built near the fuel pits. I had just sat

down when

I felt a breeze on parts I didn't normally feel a breeze on .... strange ?

I had to look down and I saw daylight really strange? And then I felt a

cold blast of some liquid spray whoa!

I jumped up and turned around to see who's face I was about to get into.


It's some Navy Chief and I yell what the f@#% ..... his eyes bugged out and

he had this sick look on his face.

And even with all the background noise I hear "I'm sorry Sir , I didn't see

you there"

Quickly I grasp the opportunity ...... he called me Sir ! I've got my

flight suit on ...he thinks I'm an officer!! And I then proceeded to chew

his ass ,

laughing to myself ...a lowly E-3 chewing out some lifer E-8 and getting

away with it , it made my day! It turns out I got

hosed down with some kind of insecticide which didn't seem to cause any

further problems Luckily I never saw him again .

I always wondered what the old Chief had done to draw that detail ?? Come

to think of it I never got bothered by any kind of bug for weeks after that


Thanks Chief!! where ever you are !